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  • Annual Individual Tax Highlights
    Help clients navigate the individual tax landscape.
  • Five Yearly Tax Essentials
    Here's a video your clients should view each year. These 5 topics are sure to catch the unwary taxpayer, but with a quick review it can save both you AND your client time and money.
  • The New Child Tax Credit
    Help clients learn how the recent changes to the Child Tax Credit affect them.
  • The New World of Deductions: What Everyone Needs to Know
    This video takes an in-depth look at the new rules surrounding itemized deductions.
  • Tax Cuts & Jobs Act: What You Need to Do Now
    Use this video to keep your clients on course to file their 2017 returns and explain the 2018 changes in more depth.
  • Annual Business Tax Highlights
    Help clients navigate the business tax landscape.
  • How Long Should I Save It?
    How long do I keep this? This video describes the Federal recordkeeping guidelines.
  • Proving Your Deductions
    Helps clients understand what is needed to document and defend their deductions.
  • Make the Most of Your Donations
    Non-cash donations can really reduce a client's tax obligation, but only if they know the rules.
  • Ideas to Audit-Proof Your Tax Return
    Sometimes the best defense in an audit is knowing how to prepare. Here are some great client ideas.
  • Five Great Tax Secrets
    Clients overlook tax deductions. Here are five things every client should know.
  • New videos when added
    Access to new videos, including the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act videos, as they are released.

PLUS: Three BONUS Life Events videos:

  • Life Events: Marriage
    Help clients understand the tax changes that come with getting married.
  • Life Events: A New Birth
    Help clients understand the tax changes that come with having a baby.
  • Life Events: Divorce
    Help clients understand the tax changes that come with getting divorced.
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